WebShop versi Wholes.. Ini Di Jual !! Yang Mau Beli Silakan Chat Âgëņ Ņšx Přŏfěsional ..

makasih, by admin Âgëņ Ņšx Přŏfěsional :)


  • Dragon City

    Submitted by: Wholes - 9 November 2013
    Hatch and collect your dragons
    Grow them into mighty creatures with awesome powers
    Breed them to create rare hybrids
    Visit your friends’ islands and exchange gifts
  • Monster Legend

    Submitted by: Wholes - 9 November 2013
    Tame wild beasts of legend and breed astonishing new species
    Unlock new skills and amazing powers
    Create the ultimate Monster Squad for battle in the Adventure Map
    Challenge friends and smite your enemies in the Monster Arena
  • Social Empires

    Submitted by: Wholes - 9 November 2013
    Build armies of warriors and mighty dragons
    Attack other players’ kingdoms and claim their resources
    Battle it out in epic tournaments
    Conquer the world and be crowned Social Emperor

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